Ali Noorani, President & Chief Executive Officer

Don Lyster, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Marcela Aguirre, Development & Marketing Manager

Alan Balch, Finance & Operations Manager

Laurence Benenson, Assistant Vice President of Policy & Advocacy

Dawn Byrne, Vice President & Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Linda Chavez, Senior Fellow

Helena Coric, Manager of Integrations Programs

Nora Coyne, Field & Constituencies Associate

Molly Crabb, Special Projects Coordinator

Hannah Daniel, Field & Constituencies Associate

Adam Estle, Vice President of Field & Constituencies

Emily Foster, Vice President of Corporate Engagement

Kathleen Gillen, Assistant Vice President of Field & Constituencies

Dan Gordon, Vice President of Strategic Communications

Dan Kosten, Assistant Vice President of Policy & Advocacy

Karla Leyja, Communications Associate

Jacinta Ma, Vice President of Policy & Advocacy

Jennifer Maerz, Senior Development Associate

Ana Negoescu, Senior Manager of Integration Programs

Em Santella, Executive Coordinator

Beth Sears, Vice President & Chief of Strategic Partnerships

Tenyle Shorter, Senior Administrative Coordinator

Joanna Taylor, Communications Manager

Becka Wall, Vice President of Digital Communications

Magen Wetmore, Communications Manager

Danilo Zak, Policy & Advocacy Associate



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