Ali Noorani, Executive Director

Don Lyster, Chief of Staff

Alan Balch, Finance and Operations Manager

Laurence Benenson, Assistant Director for Immigration Policy and Advocacy

Sarah Braithwaite, Field and Constituencies Assistant

Dawn Byrne, Director of Finance and Operations

Zuzana Cepla, Policy and Advocacy Associate

Emily Chow, Digital and Design Manager

Adam Estle, Field and Constituencies Director

Cathleen Farrell, Director of Communications

Dan Gordon, Assistant Director of Communications

Dan Kosten, Policy and Advocacy Assistant Director for Skills and Workforce Development

Caroline Leffert, Executive Associate

Jacinta Ma, Director of Policy and Advocacy

Jennifer Maerz, Development Associate

Regina Medina, Writer/Editor

Robin Metalitz, Director of Development

Samaia Muhammad, Development Manager

Jennie Murray, Director of Integration Programs

Ana Negoescu, Manager of Integration Programs

Christian Penichet-Paul, Policy and Advocacy Associate

Ruby Ritchin, Field and Constituencies Associate

Tenyle Shorter, Administrative Assistant

Joanna Taylor, Communications Assistant

Magen Wetmore, Communications Associate


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Legislative Bulletin

Legislative Bulletin - Friday, July 20, 2018

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Congress Needs Solutions, Not Resolutions