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Our nation thrives when new Americans reach their full potential

We build trusted relationships to create a shared vision for immigration.

What We Do

Work With Immigrants
The National Immigration Forum builds trusted relationships across the political spectrum to convene different perspectives, bring new allies into the conversation, and advance constructive and compassionate policies.
A Middle-eastern father, mother, brother and two sisters have just arrived to their new apartment building.
Mobilize Constituencies
The Forum works closely with key constituencies and policymakers in faith, law enforcement, national security, and business to work towards practical immigration solutions.
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Advocacy & Policy
When critical constituencies communicate effective messages, decision-makers in the legislative and executive branches listen.
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Key Campaigns

Afghan Adjustment Act
Over a year after the fall of Kabul, Afghan evacuees still face uncertainty. That’s why Congress must move swiftly in passing the Afghan Adjustment Act and allow Afghan parolees an opportunity to seek lawful permanent resident status.
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Meaningful, bipartisan immigration reforms
The last time expansive immigration reform was passed by Congress and enacted was in 1986 – more than 35 years ago. Now more than ever, it’s clear that Congress should take long-overdue action to pass needed immigration reforms to modernize our agricultural workforce and permanently solidify the contributions of immigrants who are integral to our communities.
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Protecting Dreamers
Hundreds of thousands of undocumented young immigrants who came to the U.S. as children - commonly referred to as Dreamers - lack a pathway to permanent status and citizenship. Congress has the power to pass common-sense legislation that offers a permanent solution for Dreamers.
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Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus

The Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus is a diverse group of leaders from the faith, business, agriculture, education, and national security communities, as well as advocates from across the political spectrum working to advance bipartisan legislative solutions on immigration reform and border security.
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Key Resources

Article A Better Way Forward: 2024 Immigration Principles March 4, 2024

These principles reflect our deeply rooted values as a nation. We believe these are vital principles for any leader working for an orderly, secure and humane immigration system — especially amid an election year.  For a better immigration system in the United States, we must:  Click here to learn about how leaders are highlighting our

Article Border Security & Management Framework April 23, 2024

Migration patterns have changed in recent decades, creating a new reality that requires action from the United States Congress. We have seen increases in migration at the southern border, and these increases may no longer be temporary. We must support policies that prioritize security and order at the southern border, while maintaining humanitarian protections for

Article The Future of U.S. Immigration: Trump and Biden on Key Immigration Policy Areas June 27, 2024

As the 2024 election approaches, immigration remains a central issue. President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, the two leading candidates for president, have presented markedly different approaches to immigration and its value to the United States. Voters will have an opportunity to study each candidate’s views and decide our nation’s approach to immigration