Citizenship Assistance

The New American Workforce works with businesses to assist their eligible immigrant employees with the citizenship process through the worksite, so they can become full participants in the workplace, their community and our economy.

The New American Workforce facilitates citizenship assistance through Virtual Assistance.

Employees have access to a secure online portal to complete their citizenship applications at their own convenience.  Remote legal review and assistance is available should any questions arise.

Additionally, we can livestream or record Citizenship Information sessions to offer to your employees as they prepare for virtual assistance.

What are the benefits to your business?

Research shows there is direct correlation between immigrant integration and happier and more effective employees, which impacts business profitability.

  • Celebrate the diversity in your workforce.
  • Build employee recruitment, loyalty, retention and productivity.
  • Promote understanding of low to moderate income immigrant workers within your company.
  • Generate goodwill among a growing foreign-born consumer demographic in a global market.
  • Create positive publicity opportunities (if desired).

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Offer Citizenship Assistance to Your Employees!

Read our blogs to hear from business partners and employee participants!

The launch of the Roundtable ensures a collective effort to develop strategies to create a welcoming environment for all newcomers and build communities where all can thrive. It’s an initiative focused on creating shared value for our associates, customers, and our company, and one that emphasizes the importance of investing in the future of America. – Ben Saba Hasan, Chief Culture Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Walmart

*If you have any questions or are interested in registering your business with New American Workforce, contact Helena Coric, Manager of Integration Programs.

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