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A New Opportunity for Congress to Engage in an Honest Discussion on Immigration Challenges

WASHINGTON D.C. — The Senate is expected to vote tomorrow on the latest version of a compromise border security bill negotiated earlier this year.  

Back in February, the Forum noted that it was a “promising effort from Republicans and Democrats to work together on serious border and immigration challenges” and supported its passage. Given the political context of tomorrow’s vote, however, prospects for the bill remain dim.  

“We welcome the Senate highlighting the need for border and immigration solutions, but we need an actual negotiation that brings Republicans and Democrats together,” said Jennie Murray, President and CEO of the National Immigration Forum.  

“Legislators from both sides of the aisle must engage in an honest dialogue that leads to practical changes in our immigration system. This discussion should include long-term solutions for Dreamers and the workforce, as well as for the border. The vote on this bill should not be the end of the debate.”  

The Forum reiterates its support for bipartisan initiatives that bring solutions to the border and immigration challenges, action that is strongly supported by voters from across the political spectrum. Recently, the Forum and other organizations presented a framework that offers workable solutions on asylum and border improvements.  

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