Hilton Harbor Hotel: Employee Participant Testimonial

Hilton Harbor Hotel is one of New American Workforce’s numerous hospitality partners in the San Diego area. Since joining the project in February 2015, they have been offering outreach, education, and legal assistance to help their eligible immigrant employees through the citizenship application process.

Maria Eugenia Mundo has been a housekeeper for Hilton Harbor Hotel in San Diego for 10 years. Prior to learning about their citizenship workshops, Maria had not applied because she felt unsure of her English skills and confused about the application process. She was happy to discover that her employer was offering these workshops at the worksite and noted that the program was clearly explained and that they immediately helped her enroll in English and civics classes. With each class, Maria improved, and she now feels more confident writing and speaking English. Maria told us:

“I’m extremely grateful for this program because it was helpful, easy and fast! I got my fingerprints for my citizenship within a week in a half. The staff was really approachable and answered all of my questions.”

Maria, who wanted to become a citizen to vote, said she’s content with the result and feels blessed to have had this opportunity.

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