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Broad Coalition Renews Call for Border Resources, Solutions


ANIC Representatives Available for Interview

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The following is a joint statement from the nearly 40 members of the Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus (ANIC), a diverse group of faith, business, agriculture, education, national security, and advocacy organizations, as Title 42 ends:

“Congress’ failure to update America’s broken immigration system is fueling the dire situation at the southern border and failing on every level to meet the challenges posed by today’s migration patterns.

“As anticipated, the end of Title 42 has substantially increased the numbers of migrants crossing the southern border. We know our nation is ill-equipped to respond to this crisis in a manner that upholds national security and humanitarian responsibilities. At this moment, we implore President Biden to request additional funding for the border. These funds would help ensure our security, sufficient personnel and facilities to humanely treat migrants, and support for local communities and nonprofit organizations struggling to keep up with the increase in migration. We urge Congress to provide those funds quickly and without contentious policy riders.

“As representatives of a diverse group of faith, business, education, national security, and agricultural organizations, we recognize the immense challenges facing our country. Continuing to fail to act on immigration is no longer an option. Our leaders’ inaction is failing our national security, our economy, and our communities. We know there are also ways to address these challenges over the long term.”

The following representatives of ANIC organizations are available for interview:

  • Laura Collins, Director of the Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative
  • Kristie De Peña, Vice President for Policy and Director of Immigration, Niskanen Center
  • Daniel Garza, President, and Isabel Soto, Director of Policy, The LIBRE Initiative
  • Mario H. Lopez, Hispanic Leadership Fund
  • Jennie Murray, President and CEO, National Immigration Forum
  • Matthew Soerens, National Coordinator, Evangelical Immigration Table
  • Stewart Verdery, Leader, Council on National Security and Immigration

About the Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus

The Alliance for a New Immigration Consensus (ANIC) is a public coalition of faith, business, agriculture, education, national security and advocacy organizations working to build support for bipartisan legislative solutions that strengthen border security as well as provide permanent legal protections and other reforms for Dreamers, TPS recipients and agricultural workers. To learn more about ANIC’s efforts, visit


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