In September, faith, law enforcement, business leaders, elected officials, and college students from around Ohio gathered online for Immigration Ohio 2020: Complex Questions & Solutions with Dignity. The National Immigration Forum’s Bibles, Badges and Business coalition, The Council for Christian Colleges and Universities and Malone University put on this multi-constituency event to bring the theme of dignity to difficult immigration conversations. Whether it’s how to bring dignity to our immigration policies, dignity in policing, to dignity in our conversations with one another in our communities and churches, dignity is what we all need more of as we look towards constructive solutions together. Watch and share the conversations below!

Considering Dignity: Why do people leave?

The Flores Exhibit

Dignity in our Immigration Laws and Policies

Bringing Dignity to our Difficult Conversations: The Role of Faith Leaders

The Dignity Immigrants Bring to the Church

Dignity in Policing in a Difficult Hour

Dignity in our Economics: Healthcare, Agriculture, and Entrepreneurs

Where do we go from here? #AllofUS

If you want to engage in more conversations like these, consider joining us for Leading the Way! You can get a glimpse of what to expect here.