2020 Keepers of the American Dream

Each year, the National Immigration Forum has given the Keepers of the American Dream award to leaders and organizations making their community and our country a better place for immigrants. Our honorees embody the spirit of immigrant achievement, contribute significantly to the well-being of immigrants in the United States, and are advocates in every sense of the word for the value of immigrants and immigration to the nation. 

We will be celebrating our honorees across the four days of our Leading the Way convening. 

Our 2020 Honorees

In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic took hold of our nation and brought our lives to a halt. But, for many, the pandemic has also meant stepping up and working twice as hard to support their neighbors. Many of these people, working in healthcare, food service, delivery, homecare and in other fields, are immigrants.  

As this crisis continues, Americans, regardless of where we were born, are standing shoulder to shoulder, to fight COVID-19. Join us in recognizing our essential workforce and their indispensable contributions to our economy and society.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our event coordinator Molly Crabb at mcrabb@immigrationforum.org 

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