Camila’s Testimony: DC New American Workforce Participant

Arriving to the United States at the age of four from Argentina, Camila did not know much about the importance of citizenship. As a child, she was confused as to her family’s immigration status and it was not until she was much older that Camila understood what it meant to be a U.S. Citizen.

Applying for citizenship is a long and complex process, full of waiting, obstacles and oftentimes uncertainty. Camila and her family waited five years to apply for citizenship and she tells us the significance of completing this important step, citizenship to me means finally being able to be part of the country I grew up in.”

When asked about her experience with the New American Workforce D.C. Government citizenship workshops, Camila says “It was beyond just helping, it was a blessing and without your help we wouldn’t be as far in the process as we are now, lucky to have done it through your organization and the DC Government’s aid.”

Almost twenty years after coming to the United States, Camila finally got one step closer to being part of the country she has called home for so long.  Camila attended her naturalization interview on a very memorable day, September 11th of this year, nineteen years following the anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks.  Due to the guidelines of the Covid-19 pandemic, she had to wear a mask to her appointment and tells us how the entire process was “surreal”.  Furthermore, Camila expressed, “I appreciate the opportunities [the Forum] has provided to be able to help pay the fees especially for a family of 4 [like mine] and helping lower income families and people who aren’t familiar with the citizenship process.”

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