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In order to create effective, lasting and meaningful change to our immigration system, we must raise our collective voice to make it clear to officials that Americans want common-sense solutions.

Below, you’ll find crucial information about how you can take action to support immigrants and immigration reforms, as well as additional background about each issue and tools to contact your Senators and Representatives. For more in-depth resources, visit our Advocacy Resource Page.

Afghan Adjustment Act

dark blue background with a blue and red border that reads "Afghan evacuees need a permanent solution. Congress must pass the Afghan Adjustment Act."Over a year after the fall of Kabul, Afghan evacuees still face uncertainty. That’s why Congress must move swiftly in passing the Afghan Adjustment Act and allow Afghan parolees an opportunity to seek lawful permanent resident status. 

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Passing meaningful, bipartisan immigration reforms

blue background with a blue border that reads "8 in 10 Americans want Congress to pass immigration reforms that secure our border, protect Dreamers, and power our farms." The last time expansive immigration reform was passed by Congress and enacted was in 1986 – more than 35 years ago. Now more than ever, it’s clear that Congress should take long-overdue action to pass needed immigration reforms to modernize our agricultural workforce and permanently solidify the contributions of immigrants who are integral to our communities. 

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Protecting Dreamers 

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented young immigrants who came to the U.S. as children – commonly referred to as Dreamers – lack a pathway to permanent status and citizenship. Congress has the power to pass common-sense legislation that offers a permanent solution for Dreamers. 

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Provide a pathway to stability for Documented Dreamers

Over 200,000 children and young adults are living in the United States as “Documented Dreamers” – dependents of employment-based nonimmigrant visa holders. They have grown up in the United States, attending American schools and universities, yet many face an uncertain future. Act now to help Documented Dreamers realize their full potential as Americans.

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