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Immigration 2020

For America to Thrive

Irrefutable demographic changes are influencing the politics, policy and, fundamentally, the people of the United States.

These changes will create new potential for our economy. By 2050, America will see a surprising 42 percent growth in the working-age population. A diverse workforce’s ingenuity and productivity will sustain an aging population in the same timeframe. And, with 61 percent of immigrants now calling the suburbs home, the tripling of the Latino and Asian populations by 2050 will change the composition of communities across the nation. Moreover, immigrants make up 5 percent of our active-duty military.

Because Americans see these changes every day and understand their importance through the voices of those they trust, we reached out to influential faith, law enforcement, education, community and business leaders across the country. Based on their input, we are proud to announce our vision for the future: the Immigration 2020 Agenda.

Our goal: Ensure America can thrive by advocating for policy change that helps new Americans gain the opportunities, skills and status they need to realize their full potential.

Read the agenda and speak up. We have a lot of work to do.


Congress and the administration must work together to build a 21st-century immigration system that advances the social and economic interests of all Americans.

Employers and employees agree that everyone in the labor force needs access to the appropriate knowledge and skills — whether basic, middle, or high — to fill economic needs.

Learning English remains an important tool for immigrants because it builds skills, increases productivity and allows people to enhance their own earning potential, all of which boost our economy.

By promoting naturalization, we develop a diverse citizenry fully invested in and contributing to all aspects of civic and economic life in the U.S.

Public-private policies, programs and partnerships that unleash this unrealized capital of new Americans will serve our national interests for generations to come.