Saint Peter’s University: Employee Participant Testimonial

Integration Programs Associate

April 5, 2016

Saint Peter’s University joined New American Workforce in the greater New York City area in October 2014 to offer citizenship assistance to their employees. Since then, the university has reached out to its 3,000 employees as well as its students to offer citizenship education and and invite them to free workshops on campus. Thanks to a group information session and one-on-one legal assistance appointments, many university employees and students have been able to start their citizenship process. Srjezana Rajkovic is one such program participant, originally from Peru, who got help with the process of becoming a U.S. citizen at Saint Peter’s University. In her words:

“Becoming a citizen in America would mean a lot to me because I would gain many benefits from citizenship and I would feel a sense of community for this country that I love. It meant so much to me that my school partnered with New American Workforce to offer the opportunity for me to learn more about the citizenship process. The opportunity presented itself and I couldn’t tell myself no. I like to push myself to do better and my school helped me do that. The staff of New American Workforce was very friendly and assisted me in any way that I needed. I appreciated that they remembered me and made a personal connection.”

Srjezana Rajkovic
Saint Peter’s University
New American Workforce Participant