Weill Cornell Medical Center: Employee Participant Testimonial

Weill Cornell Medical Center is one of New American Workforce’snewest business partners in the New York City area. They have already provided outreach and education on the benefits of U.S. citizenship to their 10,000 employees through invitations to on-site citizenship information and application workshops. Additionally, Weill Cornell Medical Center provides the extra benefit of offering payroll deduction to make the citizenship application process even more affordable for their employees.

Ritu Kumar is an Assistant Professor at Weill Cornell who is originally from India. She is one of many employees who applied for citizenship this year, thanks to assistance from her employer and New American Workforce. Ritu told us:

“I really liked the workshops, they were very helpful for me. I didn’t know anything about how to apply for citizenship. We got lots of information from the presentation and our questions were answered very well. It was very informative.

For me, citizenship is very important because I work here. I’ve been here for over 12 years. I do extensive research and you can do very quality research here in America. I want to stay here and pursue my goals. As soon as I was eligible for citizenship I applied.

It means a lot that my employer assisted me. I think I would have postponed for a couple of years if it wasn’t for their help. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I just didn’t know what to do. Usually you don’t have time, you don’t know if the information that you get from the internet is correct and you can’t ask questions. The workshop was nice because you can ask questions. It was very fast, and you guys helped me fill out the form so we were sure that it was right.”

Ritu Kumar
Weill Cornell Medical Center
New American Workforce Participant

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