Trump Should Take Cue from Nixon

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The Trump campaign’s Texas Finance Chair calls for reasonable immigration policies in a new Dallas Morning News op-ed.

“The issue of immigration and border security is more complex than the political debate in Washington and on cable television would lead the public to believe,” said Dennis Nixon, Chief Executive of International Bancshares Corporation and International Bank of Commerce in Laredo. “It is also easier and far less costly to solve than many of the plans introduced by leading politicians and pundits.”

In the piece, Nixon advocates for immigration policies that address demographic changes in the workforce and meet the needs of American workers, adding more immigration courts to deal with backlogs, and the importance of reasonable border security solutions that foster trade and economic development.

“We need an immigration policy that addresses America’s need for workers … to keep our economy growing,” he writes.

Regarding enforcement, “The reward for enhancing apprehension to deter illegal immigration is only as good as the legal process supporting it,” Nixon writes. “ … Today, with the rapid decline in illegal immigration, the problem squarely rests on an inadequate judicial system. We need more immigration courts.”

He concludes, “To solve the border security problem, we must look to reasonable and common-sense solutions that benefit the United States and Mexico. As [Mexico is] Texas’ largest trading partner and our neighbor, we must support a border security plan with Mexico that continues to foster economic development and our good-neighbor policies that have been in place for generations.”

“The administration needs to listen to its supporters who are presenting reasonable, well-informed solutions on immigration,” said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum. “Republicans in Congress should take a cue from these solutions as they work on spending bills in the coming weeks. We need smart policies at the border that benefit American workers and foster trade and economic development.”

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