Texas Border Leaders Share Their Perspectives


A recording of today’s call is available here.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A mayor, a pastor and a county judge from Texas border regions spoke on a press call today about the realities of life on the U.S.-Mexico border, and the kinds of solutions that will ensure our security and maintain cross-border trade and economic vitality.

The following are quotes from speakers on today’s call:

Mayor Jim Darling, McAllen, Texas; Executive Committee Member, Texas Border Coalition:
“The impression that the rest of the nation and the rest of Texas has is that there is a crisis on the border and we’re a very dangerous location, when in fact, according to the latest FBI statistics, we’re the third safest [city] in Texas and the seventh safest in the United States. … I hope [negotiations] will continue … to try to resolve both border security and immigration reform, which are mutually inclusive.”

Carlos Navarro, Pastor, West Brownsville Baptist Church:
“When I came [to Brownsville], I discovered that we have two detention centers in the area, and my ministry took me to those places. … This is a humanitarian crisis. … As a pastor, as a human being and as a migrant, I cannot ignore the people on the other side of the border.”

Judge Eddie Treviño, Cameron County, Texas; Chairman-elect, Texas Border Coalition:
“What I want to clear is up is this misconception or intentional idea that the border, especially here in South Texas, is insecure. That’s part of the problem that we run into every time we talk about border security.  … While there are things we could do to make it more secure … the border, at least where we live, is certainly very secure. … The idea of a concrete wall barrier just doesn’t fit with the reality on the ground here.”

Cathleen Farrell, Director of Communications, National Immigration Forum:
“The experiences of people who live at our southern border belie the perception of it as dangerous or lawless.  As lawmakers continue negotiations on border security, they should listen to the voices of border residents and pursue solutions that meet the real needs of those who live, work and thrive in these communities.”


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