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Support a Better Way Forward on Immigration

It has been 38 years since we last passed meaningful immigration reforms, and public opinion is clear – Americans want leaders who will prioritize working together on finding solutions and passing reforms, not leaders who lead with divisive rhetoric.

That’s why we put together six key principles that reflect our deeply rooted values as a nation and as Americans. For a better immigration system in the United States, we must:

  1. Show compassion and justice to longtime residents, including Dreamers, by allowing them an opportunity to earn lawful status and citizenship.
  2. Continue our moral leadership in the world as a welcoming and compassionate nation that offers refuge to the persecuted.
  3. Honor the human dignity of all people through our words and actions.
  4. Address the need for safety and security on the border and in our communities. Promote community trust and safety by focusing immigration enforcement on threats to public safety and national security and preserving federal leadership in setting immigration enforcement policy.
  5. Enable fair and orderly legal immigration that continues to solidify our global economic leadership. Modernize laws to reduce backlogs and improve work visa programs for current and future workers.
  6. Defend the longstanding constitutional principle of birthright citizenship.

Add your name to show your support for these principles and for Republicans and Democrats to come together and work on finding solutions based on our values, not divisive rhetoric. And please make sure to watch our principles videos here.

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