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Stories from the Heartland

In June, the Supreme Court held that the Trump administration did not provide an adequate justification for ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), allowing the program to remain in place.

Americans across the country breathed a huge sigh of relief at the decision – Dreamers, who are integral members of our communities, could stay – for now.

However, the Supreme Court made clear that the Trump administration has the authority to end DACA – it just failed to properly justify its decision to do so. The Supreme Court decision permits the Trump administration to make another attempt to end the protections for Dreamers if it uses proper procedures and is able to provide a well-reasoned explanation for its actions.

In late July, the administration issued a memorandum indicating that it is making changes to DACA, no longer accepting new applications and only allowing existing DACA recipients to renew their protections for one year. The memo from acting DHS secretary Chad Wolf also indicated that the administration is evaluating the program to consider whether to terminate it entirely, taking into account considerations highlighted by the Supreme Court.

Given DACA’s limited and temporary protections, Dreamers continue to live in limbo. Absent a legislative solution from Congress, Dreamers’ lives will remain unsettled.

In response, Americans and DACA recipients across the country shared their stories, detailing how Dreamers are our friends, families, neighbors – and human beings worthy of dignity, respect, and fair immigration laws. Read their stories below – and then take action here to advocate for a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers.


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