Pete Wiersma

President, Idaho Dairymen’s Association

Panelist, Strengthening & Growing America’s Economy

The grandson of immigrants, Pete Wiersma grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Southern California. Like his parents and grandparents, he continued in the dairy business working first for his father, then his father-in-law (also a dairy farmer), before moving to Idaho and becoming a partner in a dairy farm with his sister, Barbara.

In addition to being a dairy farmer, he currently serves as president of the Idaho Dairyman’s Association and also as a board member of Dairy West, a regional dairy product promotion organization. He is also past president of Independent Milk Producers, a local milk marketing cooperative.

Pete is married to Annette, his wife and helper of 37 years, and together they have raised 5 children on the dairy farm. Their son Michael is currently working on the dairy as a feeder, and Barbara’s son-in-law Aaron is a herd manager. Truly a family farm – as they say.

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The Benefits of Immigrant Workers to the U.S.