Momentum Builds with Bipartisan Activity on Capitol Hill, White House Framework


Congress Must Answer Questions the Framework Raises

WASHINGTON, D.C. —The immigration framework the White House released Thursday raises multiple policy questions. Republicans in Congress must lead the way to bipartisan answers.

“Momentum is building towards a bipartisan solution in Congress,” said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum. “Congress must find a reasonable balance that provides a solution for Dreamers, ensures our security and maintains legal immigration that helps American workers, employers and our economy.

“Republican leadership has an incredible opportunity to forge an immigration solution that will benefit American workers and their families while upholding American values. Legislation that recognizes the value of immigrants to our nation in addition to the importance of smart, measured border policy is essential to our nation’s prosperity.”

The White House framework raises several specific questions. How will Congress:

1)     Strengthen families by maintaining family immigration that honors American values? Strong family units are key to enabling immigrants to help make our economy prosper. Removing brothers, sisters and parents from the list of those who can be sponsored removes important family support networks. Voices from across the faith community have called for family unity, including a statement released today by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

2)    Use this framework to maintain the number of green cards currently available? While the framework contemplates that green cards from eliminated categories will be used to reduce current backlogs, once such backlogs are eliminated, will this allotment be retained thereafter to ensure smooth and timely administration of our immigration process?

3)    Replace the policy of seeking admission of immigrants from underrepresented regions of the world if the Diversity Visa program is eliminated?

4)    Ensure that we spend taxpayer money by using the most effective and appropriate tools to strengthen border security, such as investing in technology along the border, and keep pace with our nation’s growing economic demands at ports of entry?

5)    Protect our notions of fundamental fairness and due process, as the framework contemplates increasing removal enforcement personnel and increasing their powers?

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