Harrah’s Resort Southern California: Employee Participant Testimonial

Since becoming a New American Workforce partner over a year ago, Harrah’s Resort Southern California, one of Cesar Entertainment resorts located in San Diego, has been inspiring its eligible immigrant employees to apply for U.S. citizenship. The resort has educated its 1,730 employees on the benefits of citizenship through outreach to citizenship information workshops. In addition, the resort continues to assist its eligible employees with applying for citizenship through application workshops, where employees receive one-on-one legal assistance at the worksite. Thanks to these workshops, many employees have been able to apply for citizenship. Efrosina Hidalgo, a housekeeper guestroom attendant at Harrah’s Resort Southern California, is one of these employees.

Efrosina told us, “Citizenship helps me feel happy here and I look forward to participating in voting. For me, citizenship means that I’ll feel safer than I can as a permanent resident. Work always kept me busy, I was always in a hurry going everywhere and I couldn’t find the time. Assistance [from Harrah’s Rincon] meant that they are interested in the wellbeing of their employees and I like that. They motivated me to take the next step, and to continue forward.”

Efrosina Hidalgo
Harrah’s Resort Southern California Employee
New American Workforce Participant

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