Government Should Avert Shutdown, Then Come Together on Immigration

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) reportedly will introduce a bill today that would fund the government through Feb. 8 and avert a shutdown.

The following is a statement from Jacinta Ma, Director of Policy and Advocacy at the National Immigration Forum:

“Credit to Republicans and Democrats for their bipartisanship in working to avoid a government shutdown. They are making the right choice for all Americans.

“In the new year, they can and should come together on immigration. There is an opportunity for further bipartisan solutions.

“Border security is critical. A smart compromise would strengthen our border by resourcing ports of entry, strategically using technology and ensuring clear sight lines along the Rio Grande. At the same time, Congress and the president must provide a permanent solution for Dreamers and other immigrants living in uncertainty who have been productive, contributing members of our communities.

“Between now and Feb. 8, Republicans and Democrats can offer solutions on immigration that not only help all Americans but also unite us.”

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