Clinica Romero: Employee Participant Testimonial

Clínica Romero is a medical clinic serving the greater Los Angeles area with quality and culturally sensitive health care. They joined New American Workforce last October to start assisting their own employees with the citizenship process, right at work. The clinic has already provided a full round of citizenship sessions for their employees, including a group information session to educate employees about the citizenship process and one-on-one legal assistance appointments to help them apply.

Luz Lopez is a Dental Assistant who has been working at Clínica Romero for four years. She is now approaching the final step in her process to become a U.S. citizen, thanks to the program. After applying for citizenship through New American Workforce‘s workshop at her job, Luz told us:

“The workshops were helpful, the people were nice and they helped me fill out the citizenship form. By providing the assistance, Clínica Romero shows that they care for us, the employees, to become citizens. I applied for citizenship because I have been living here for almost 20 years. I basically grew up here and I feel like I am part of the U.S. already. I just needed to finalize it.”

Luz Lopez
New American Workforce Participant
Clínica Romero

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