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City of Houston: Ana’s Participant Testimonial

As the holiday season is upon us, many businesses, organizations, and individuals are giving back their time and looking for ways to support their fellow neighbors. These local communities greatly benefit from those willing to extend a helping hand, and the support from the businesses and individuals strengthens these areas for years to come. In this spirit, the City of Houston is incredibly proud of the recent commitments it has made to its local community and employees. One example of this commitment is the city’s partnership with New American Workforce, which supports the city’s eligible immigrant employees with the U.S. citizenship process at their worksites.

While over one hundred eligible employees have taken advantage of the city’s citizenship program, Ana, has worked at the city’s public library for several years and is an exceptional example of someone who gives back to her community every day. Originally from Cuba, Ana moved to Houston years ago and put down roots in the area. She now has a family and thoroughly enjoys her job helping her fellow immigrant community at the library.

Upon hearing that the City of Houston partnered with New American Workforce, Ana was excited and leapt at the opportunity to apply for her citizenship. She attended citizenship classes and completed her application with the help of a legal professional right at her worksite. When reflecting on her experience, Ana said,

“I’m really grateful for the City of Houston for providing this service. The citizenship application assistance made possible a very smooth naturalization process for me”

As a result of the partnership between the City of Houston and New American Workforce, it is exciting to announce that Ana took her Oath of Allegiance this November 2018 and is a new citizen! She is eager to continue giving back and is an inspiration for others who want to follow in her footsteps. Citizenship truly is a gift that keeps on giving!

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