Sound Border Security

Sound Border Security Policies

The National Immigration Forum believes creating a secure border takes more than just spending money and strictly enforcing laws. We need sound, effective enforcement policies that are humane, transparent, encourage commerce and consider the impact these policies have on the tens of millions of people who live along our borders. At the same time, federal agencies enforcing our immigration laws at the border must be held accountable for treating those they encounter fairly.

A singular focus on border enforcement will not result in truly secure borders. The U.S. population as well as trade and commerce at U.S. land ports of entry have been increasing significantly in recent years, necessitating more nuanced border policies. Certainly, we must do what we can to ensure that real threats cannot exploit our borders to do harm. But smart enforcement and border security, coupled with immigration reforms that promote legal immigration, can improve security at the border and make our ports of entry more efficient for commerce.

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