Western Kansas Police Chief Pushing for Immigration Reform

June 11, 2013

With members of Congress home for the week and the full Senate expected to begin debating the immigration reform bill in early June, Kansas and Missouri faith, BIbles Badges Businesslaw enforcement and business leaders came Wednesday  for a roundtable discussion on the urgency and importance of commonsense immigration reform.

At the roundtable debate sponsored by the Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform network, influential leaders gathered to highlight the importance of immigration reform for local faith communities, law enforcement officers and businesses.

Chief James Hawkins, Garden City Police Department:

“The constant influx of immigrants to Garden City has created, in a positive sense, a more diverse law enforcement element, with more compassionate and educated personnel. That in turn has fostered greater understanding from both police personnel and new arrivals.”

Hon. Bob Holden, Former Governor of Missouri

“Immigrants add jobs, they add vitality to our region, and they reinvigorate our communities at both the top and bottom of the economic ladder. It’s to our advantage to have immigration reform.”

Craig Regelbrugge, Co-Chair, Agriculture Coalition for Immigration Reform:

“At its heart, modernizing our immigration system is an urgent economic issue. This is just as true here in America’s Heartland as it is in the East and the West. Will high-value crop and livestock production continue to enrich our economy and our communities? Or will much of it move offshore, leaving us exporting jobs and importing food? This is about American competitiveness, and it’s time for Republicans and Democrats to lead the way.”