Veterans Urge Legislative Solution for Dreamers

Communications Assistant

January 31, 2018

Click here for a recording of today’s call.

WASHINGTON, D.C. —A permanent legislative solution that allows Dreamers to serve would greatly help the U.S. military’s readiness, veterans said on a press call today.

Speakers on the call sent a letter to leaders in Congress yesterday to urge solutions and also penned an op-ed.

The following are quotes from speakers on today’s call:

Rear Adm. Jim Partington, Veterans for New Americans National Co-Chair and U.S. Navy Veteran:
“Diversity is part of what makes our military and our nation the strongest in the world. Some 900 Dreamers have already enlisted in our armed forces, many already possessing skills critical to our military effectiveness, such as medical training and language and cultural competencies that support our global strategic interests. Where our communities see strength, Congress has failed to find a solution. I support a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers that allows them to continue contributing to our communities, economy and the military.”

Lt. Col. Margaret Stock, Veterans for New Americans National Co-Chair and U.S. Army Reserve Veteran:
“With every day that passes, more than 120 DACA recipients lose their protection from deportation and their ability to work legally in the U.S. and contribute to our economy. Immigrants are important to the military today because of the critical skills they possess, as well as their sheer numbers as we currently face a dire recruitment challenge. The military will benefit dramatically if Dreamers are able to enlist because they are very highly qualified recruits. It’s important for our nation’s national security to open this potential resource and pass a legislative solution for Dreamers.”

Lt. Col. Scott Cooper, Director of Veterans for American Ideals at Human Rights First and U.S. Marine Corps Veteran:
“During my service overseas in the Marine Corps, I realized that immigrants in our military often times cared for, loved and wanted to serve their country even more than those of us who were born here. Dreamers by nature are talented, hardworking and full of potential and promise. Deporting them to countries they don’t know would be nothing less than cruel, and would also be a waste of valuable resources. In Dreamers, we have a group of patriotic young people who want to defend the only country they’ve ever known. Think of the potential we’re losing if we don’t give them the chance to serve our military and to our nation. This is why I’m calling on Congress to pass legislation that allows Dreamers to serve in our military and contribute to our country.”