Utah Faith and Business Leaders Applaud Republican Principles on Immigration Reform

Assistant Director of Communications

January 31, 2014

Major Commitment from House Leadership Propels Reform Forward

SALT LAKE CITY — Today House Republicans released standards for immigration reform. They met with broad support among top Utah faith and business leaders, who lauded the movement toward much-needed reform and called on Congress to pass reform this year.  

The following are quotes from Utah Bibles, Badges and Business leaders:

Lane Beattie, President and CEO, Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce:

“These principles represent bold leadership on a complex issue. Utah has helped lead this discussion because we know immigration reform will grow our economy and provide predictability that businesses need. We are encouraged by the developments today and pledge our support for moving forward.”

Rev. Steve Klemz, Pastor of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, Salt Lake City:

“As citizens we welcome any positive political progress for fair and humane immigration reform. Immigration policies express who we are as a nation, influence our nation’s future character, and affect the lives of millions of people. From our faith perspective, compassion compels us to be caught up in the movement which stands for welcome, dignity, and safekeeping for families who are vulnerable to deportation.”

Rev. Eun-sang Lee, Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Salt Lake City:

“As a pastor in Salt Lake City, I support our members of Congress as they continue the unparalleled momentum toward passing broad reforms to our immigration system in 2014. It is evident through these standards that Republicans are ready to address reform this year. God’s love for immigrants is clear throughout the Bible. We have the responsibility to address the mistreatment of our neighbors and welcome the stranger among us. I am confident our legislators can form laws that reflect these beliefs in a way that benefits all Americans.”