Updated Immigration Process Would Keep U.S. Businesses Competitive

Communications Associate

December 22, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Tech leaders continue to make the case that the sector’s boom in the United States — an engine for job creation — depends on talented immigrant entrepreneurs and workers to address shortages, as well as longer-term investment in training Americans.

These leaders worry that the prospects for the tech industry in the near future are in doubt because of President-elect Donald Trump’s unclear stance on legal immigration avenues, including visas for workers with the specific technical skills and training companies need.

Silicon Valley is not alone in advocating for realistic, achievable immigration solutions.  A wide range of business leaders, from agriculture to manufacturing to the restaurant industry, want visa policies that address worker shortages and create jobs for Americans.

A modernized visa system is one vital component of an updated immigration process that allows America to thrive, according to a recent policy paper from the Forum, “Creating a 21st-century Immigration System.” Other crucial pieces the paper addresses include workable border security solutions, interior enforcement that emphasizes community trust and safety, and earned legalization for those who are undocumented.

“Visa reform is a key part of creating an immigration process that benefits American workers,” said Jacinta Ma, Director of Policy and Advocacy at the National Immigration Forum. “We need a modern, efficient system that ensures our businesses are competitive, creates jobs and respects the importance of family unity.”