Texas Faith Leaders Send Letter to Presidential Candidates Regarding Immigrants

Communications Associate

February 25, 2016

HOUSTON — Ahead of tonight’s GOP debate in Houston, Texas faith leaders are sending a message to presidential candidates on the need for a better conversation around immigration.

In a letter addressed to presidential candidates, 24 signatories from across Texas are urging compassion for immigrants and a biblical approach to immigrants and immigration.

“Scripture teaches us that every human being is made in God’s image and is endowed with inherent dignity and potential to flourish,” the letter reads. “Immigrants are not only our co-workers but also our neighbors, friends and members of our church family. Having lived and worshiped together, we know them to be vital members of our community.

“When our immigrant neighbors are attacked with harsh rhetoric, their pain is also our pain. Scripture guides us toward a just and compassionate response to immigrants in our country. We encourage you to heed its words and get to know our communities.”