Luna Grill Restaurants: Employee Participant Testimonial

Integration Programs Associate

October 26, 2017

In May, New American Workforce launched a new partnership with Luna Grill Restaurants to offer worksite English training to their employees. Luna Grill Restaurants was excited by this unique opportunity to provide English classes to their team members and support their career advancement within the company. Recognizing the value of such investment, they immediately introduced the program at restaurants in three different cities – San Diego, CA, Irvine, CA, and Dallas, TX.

Ishmael Tapia, who has worked as a Kitchen Manager at Luna Grill Restaurants in San Diego for the past three years, jumped at the opportunity to participate in these convenient English classes. He was eager to enhance his English vocabulary and build upon his English conversational abilities. For many employees with limited English skills, including Ishmael, improving their English capacity is a vital step in furthering their careers and growing in their field of work.

When reflecting on his experience taking the English classes, Ishmael mentioned:

“Everyone is helping me to grow. If you want to grow in this company, you need to speak English. Now when we interview new hires, I feel more confident in my English.”

New American Workforce is proud to offer this innovative opportunity to businesses around the country and to work with employees like Ishmael to provide relevant and accessible classes, inspire confidence, and enhance their capabilities so that they can grow and fulfill their career aspirations.