Local Arizona Leaders Push for Action on Immigration Reform

Digital Communications Manager

August 6, 2013

GLENDALE, Ariz. — With Congressman Trent Franks back in his district for the August recess, prominent Arizona leaders came together Tuesday to voice their support for broad, commonsense immigration reform.

 During a media availability following a closed-door roundtable hosted by the Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform Network, local leaders in the faith, law enforcement and business communities added their voices to the nationwide call for just immigration reform that acknowledges the dignity of each person, respects the rule of law and addresses the needs of the American economy. At the roundtable, hosted at the Glendale Chamber of Commerce, these leaders highlighted the importance of immigration to Arizona’s 8th district and let Rep. Franks know that they will be looking for action after Congress returns to Washington in September.

This event builds on the momentum of Bibles, Badges and Business leaders across the country, who have been showing their members of Congress that they and their constituencies will support courageous lawmakers who act on broad immigration reform

The following are quotes from Arizona Bibles, Badges and Business leaders who participated in today’s event:

Jack Harris, Former Phoenix Police Chief:

“I am excited to engage on an issue that is often divisive in law enforcement circles, but central to our jobs in keeping our communities safe. Immigration reform will happen in D.C., but it is critical for us to vet these proposals here in Arizona, where we are disproportionally impacted by the current dysfunctional system. The bottom line is that our communities are less safe under the current immigration system and I, as a career law enforcement officer, am calling on Congress to help me keep our community safe by reforming the system now.”

Adam Estle, Immigration Program Director for LifeBridge Community Alliance:

“There is a moral urgency to fix our broken immigration system because families are being separated and immigrants are being exploited as they live in the shadows of our great nation. As faith leaders we respect the rule of law, but we also have a responsibility to strive for changing those laws when necessary to reflect our values of justice and compassion. We believe the time is now to overhaul the entire system to the benefit of all Americans.”

Joe Sigg, Government Relations Director at the Arizona Farm Bureau:

“Immigration reform is a vital issue for Arizona agriculture. As well, respect for law and recognition of a truly broken system demands that we fix this issue in a complete and comprehensive manner. I respect the diversity around this table and am hopeful efforts such as this will lead to meaningful reform. This is an issue that is as large as it is local.”