Indiana Faith and Business Leaders Applaud Republican Standards on Immigration Reform

Assistant Director of Communications

January 31, 2014

Major Commitment from House Leadership Propels Reform Forward

INDIANAPOLIS — On Thursday House Republicans released standards for immigration reform. The standards met with broad support among top Indiana faith and business leaders, who lauded the movement toward much-needed reform and called on Congress to pass reform this year.  

The following are quotes from Indiana Bibles, Badges and Business leaders:

Kyle Cline, Policy Advisor National Government Relations, Indiana Farm Bureau:

“Agricultural labor reform is necessary for the current and future viability of our farmers and rural communities as well as our nation’s collective food and economic security. Indiana Farm Bureau commends the House leadership for recognizing that farmers need long-term access to a legal and stable workforce. We are hopeful that this step in the right direction will lead to a formal framework that can finally address the challenges with the current broken H-2A program and the resulting labor shortage.”

Rev. Joseph Johns, Director of Missional Living, Fellowship Missionary Church, Fort Wayne:

“These principles signal that the House leadership is listening to their constituents’ demand for immigration reform.  My prayer is that our elected leaders will seize this moment to deliver the kind of high quality, meaningful bi-partisan legislative work that is so rarely seen these days, but so urgently needed. In faith, I believe our legislators can meet this moment and enact excellent reforms; inspiring hope that the ‘can-do’ spirit of America is not dead, but still very much alive.”

Doug Leman, Executive Director, Indiana Dairy Producers:

“IDP is very pleased to see some action begin on the very important issue of immigration. Dairy and livestock farms in Indiana and across this nation need a legal and willing workforce to help continue to produce an abundant supply of quality dairy products that many Americans look forward to consuming every day.”