Illinois Faith and Law Enforcement Leaders Applaud Republican Standards on Immigration Reform

Assistant Director of Communications

February 4, 2014

Major Commitment from House Leadership Propels Reform Forward

CHICAGO — Following the release of House Republican standards for immigration reform, Illinois faith and law enforcement leaders are expressing support and calling on Congress to pass much-needed reform this year.  

The following are quotes from Illinois Bibles, Badges and Business leaders:

Stanley Cooper, Executive Director, Rockford Urban Ministries:

“I pray our leaders in Congress get the message: Immigration reform is a priority for our state and our country. It is a matter of justice, and it is one that cannot be put off for another day. There are few issues that both Democrats and Republicans are willing to agree on, so I am encouraged to see that immigration reform has bipartisan support here in Illinois and in Washington. I encourage Congressman Kinzinger to keep up his support for this issue and to motivate his fellow Republicans to stand behind their party’s new Standards for Reform.”

Sheriff Mark Curran Jr., Lake County:

“The release of the Standards for Immigration Reform by the House Republicans shows that they are finally willing to move forward on this issue. Immigration reform — particularly securing our borders, tightening up internal enforcement, and providing a means for undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows, legalize, and fully join our society — is necessary for the security of our communities. Many conservatives here in Illinois know that our country’s immigration system is broken, so we encourage our Republican representatives to rally behind these Standards. Let’s get this done.”

Chris McElwee, Pastor of Local Impact, Wheaton Bible Church, West Chicago:

“As a Christian I am pleased with the standards set by House Republicans for immigration reform. I am committed to loving the stranger living in my community and I am optimistic our leaders in Washington are moving in the right direction. There is much to commend in the guidelines the GOP has set forth for immigration reform. Now I pray all parties in Washington can continue the dialogue that addresses border security, promotes the rule of law, reforms current immigration policy and provides a pathway to citizenship to migrants wanting to be full citizens of the United States.”

Matt Woodley, Pastor of Compassion Ministries, Church of the Resurrection, Wheaton:

“We are encouraged to see this positive movement on immigration reform coming from both parties in Washington. This is an important issue for many evangelical congregations here in Illinois and around the country. We will continue praying for our political leaders to keep working on immigration reform with a sense of urgency, courage, and compromise.”

Marketa Lindt, Partner, Immigration Practice, Sidley Austin LLP, Chicago:

“The recently published House GOP Standards for Immigration Reform show a serious effort to balance competing priorities for immigration reform that include securing our borders, establishing a temporary work program, overhauling the broken visa system and providing people brought to the U.S. as children with the opportunity to step out of the shadows and integrate fully into U.S. society. The Standards represent an important step toward a rational approach to immigration reform that would bring an estimated 100,000 jobs to Illinois and help jumpstart our economy at a critical time.”