GOP Immigration Platform Would Double Down on Counterproductive Status Quo

Communications Associate

July 13, 2016

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Tuesday, the Republican National Committee voted to adopt an immigration platform that calls for less legal immigration, tougher scrutiny on immigrants from certain countries, a wall along the entire southern border and a rescinding of the president’s deferred actions, among other points.

The platform not only veers right from many of the party’s previous policy platforms but also ignores the realities of our broken immigration system and the voices of conservatives who continue to call for commonsense immigration reforms.

“The status quo on immigration is deeply flawed and counterproductive to our nation’s needs and interests,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum. “It leaves vast labor shortages. It takes a huge economic and humanitarian toll on our communities. It creates long separations and backlogs for those waiting to come legally that hold back families and our workforce.

“The Republican immigration platform would further entrench these problems. Conservative solutions must solve these problems, not reinforce them. We need to replace our immigration system once and for all with laws that control our borders, encourage and regulate legal immigration, and address undocumented families in a humane way.

“We need our elected leaders to stand up and lead on immigration, not relegate us to an endlessly broken system.”