City of San Diego: Employee Participant Testimonial

Integration Programs Associate

February 15, 2018

In the summer of 2006, Adam traveled from his childhood home in Ukraine to the United States in order to seize an exciting internship opportunity. Upon successful completion of his internship, Adam decided to continue pursuing his educational goals in the U.S. Throughout a difficult period of balancing night classes and a day job, Adam never gave up chasing the American dream. Finally, as a result of his hard work, Adam was able to earn a master’s degree in Information Systems Management from a local school in San Diego.

But Adam’s pursuit of the American dream didn’t stop there. After establishing his career and settling down with a family, citizenship became a top priority. His wife and two children all had American citizenship, and he knew this was an important step for him to take for the unity and security of his family.

When his wife’s employer, the City of San Diego, offered free citizenship workshops in June 2017 for government employees and their family members, he immediately decided to attend. Now, seven months later, Adam is proud to say he has passed his interview and citizenship exam and is eagerly awaiting his oath ceremony to finalize his citizenship journey.

“The U.S has a lot to offer. [Gaining citizenship] was just so natural after having lived here for so long. [The program] was very easy and the whole process went smoothly – great framework. Thank you [New American Workforce] for your work, it makes a real difference.”

Thanks to New American Workforce and supportive employers like the City of San Diego, people like Adam are applying for citizenship with the confidence and assurance that they will be able to better their own lives through new opportunities and secure stable futures for their families.