Bob Naerebout – Why I Value Immigrants

March 29, 2017

In Idaho, the positive impact that the immigrant and refugee population has on our local economy is remarkable.

Stories from dairymen across Idaho about how immigrants have helped bolster the economy of rural communities have changed hearts and minds. Their stories remind us immigration is about real people, not political posturing.

That’s why I’m sharing my story in support of the National Immigration Forum’s 50 Days/50 Ways #WeValueImmigrants campaign.

In Idaho, immigrant contributions help us all. Refugee workers help fill the void in our food processing facilities, and for many of them, this is a starting point to access opportunities in the business world. Many of our refugee workers move into management positions, growing and contributing greatly to our society. They add unmistakable value to our rural community and are greatly appreciated.

Any changes in immigration or refugee policy that reduce the size of our workforce will hurt the dairy industry and Idaho’s economy. That is why we value immigrants.

Please contribute today. And please share your story about why you value immigrants in America using the hashtag #WeValueImmigrants

Bob Naerebout, Executive Director, Idaho Dairymen’s Association