Bibles, Badges and Business Raring to Win the August Recess

Digital Communications Manager

August 1, 2013

​WASHINGTON, D.C. – Faith, law enforcement and business leaders nationwide have been hard at work preparing for a critical August recess for immigration reform.

From events in key evangelical districts in Colorado to agriculture heavy districts in downstate Illinois and tech-savvy areas in California, Bibles, Badges and Business leaders have planned several dozen events nationwide in August – with more events still in the planning stages.

The events, dubbed “Roundtables for Reform,” are the central focus of the #BBBwinsAugust campaign – a national effort designed to saturate crucial congressional districts with one simple message: leaders in faith, business and law enforcement want to help their representatives get to ‘yes’ because the House of Representatives needs to pass commonsense immigration legislation that respects the rule of law, grows the economy and is compassionate.

The Bibles, Badges and Business coalition is locked in on winning the recess. They’ve stepped up their organizing to unprecedented levels – planning dozens of events in key congressional districts,” said Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum. “When Congress comes back in September, they will have heard the overwhelming call from conservative and moderate local and national leaders who recognize the urgency and necessity of commonsense reform. Bibles, Badges and Business will help us win the August recess.”