‘Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform’ Launches, Encourages Bipartisan Legislation

February 11, 2013

​**To listen to a recording of today’s call, please visit http://tinyurl.com/reform-feb-11**

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As the debate in Congress over immigration reform heats up and the president prepares his State of the Union address, faith, law enforcement and business leaders today launched the “Bibles, Badges and Business for Immigration Reform” (BBB) network. This national network is the fruit of two years of alliance-building between conservative faith, law enforcement and business leadership in the Mountain West, Midwest and Southeast who support a better immigration process and are ready to press Congress for action on reform.

On Wednesday, the BBB network is partnering with the Texas Immigration Solution for the Texas Summit: Taking a new consensus on immigrants and America to Congress. The summit will bring together conservative business, law enforcement and faith leaders in Texas who are ready to show the Texas congressional delegation that an improved immigration process can be consistent with conservative values.

“The business community in Texas is united in its effort to bring comprehensive immigration reform to Texas and to the country,” said Bill Hammond, President and CEO, Texas Association of Business. “Immigration reform will keep the economy in Texas going strong and treat those who are already here fairly. We are committed to bringing this change at the federal level, and we hope to be successful this year.”

“Right now we are at an unprecedented moment in American history where we have strong bipartisan support,” said Gabriel Salguero, President of the National Latino Evangelical Coalition and a member of the Evangelical Immigration Table. “For evangelicals, it’s a humane, moral issue. We’re bringing the values voters to the table to say: We need immigration reform because it’s the right thing to do economically, morally, and for the families being divided … We want laws that respect human dignity, and one of those things is earned path to citizenship. For us as evangelicals, we want earned legal status so that no one is permanently in the shadows.”

“Conservative principles and those underlying the Bibles, Badges and Business network can really bring people together,” added Mark Shurtleff, Member of the Board of Directors of the National Immigration Forum, Republican Former Attorney General of Utah and a Partner with Troutman Sanders. “I’m very excited to support and continue to work with Bibles, Badges and Business to now convince Congress, in particular conservative Republican members of Congress, that it’s time to work together across the aisle and with the White House in order to bring a commonsense, pragmatic resolution this year to the issue of immigration.”

“Local and state law enforcement, especially in southern Texas, is very excited about the bipartisan efforts that are being made toward comprehensive immigration reform,” said Guadalupe “Lupe” Treviño, Sheriff, Hidalgo County, Texas. “Workable immigration reform is probably the best step that can be taken in order to continue to enhance border security. We need our state and local officers to concentrate on local crime and not on federal immigration issues. Immigration reform actually would strengthen security in our communities all across the country, not only in the great state of Texas.”

Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, concluded, “While the president must continue to shape the debate through the use of the bully pulpit, ultimately, it is up to Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill to follow in the footsteps of Bibles, Badges and Business to forge a congressional consensus on immigrants and America. With Democrats and Republicans recognizing the moral, economic and political imperative to improve our immigration process, the 113th Congress marks the best opportunity for commonsense immigration reform in nearly a decade.”