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The Border Should Not Be a Lethal Place

Washington, D.C. — Four migrants, including an infant, drowned in Rio Grande, Texas, during the long-weekend holiday.    

“This is a heartbreaking situation. It is hard to imagine the desperation that leads parents and young children to make the dangerous journey across the Rio Grande. As we work to make our border more efficient and more secure, we must also ensure that it is humane,” said Jennie Murray, President and CEO of the National Immigration Forum. “Mothers and babies trying to reach safety in the United States should not face death. The U.S. must implement policies that respect human life and dignity while preserving family unity. Deterrence alone has never been the answer, on the contrary, it can lead people to take more dangerous paths. 

“As policymakers work to make the border more secure, they cannot lose sight of the humanity of those seeking protection. Democrats and Republicans must make reforms that ensure that those fleeing danger and persecution are afforded safety and due process. As we reflect after this long weekend celebrating our nation’s founding, we must make sure that the U.S. continue to be welcoming and compassionate.” 

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