Technology Credit Union: Venancio’s Participant Testimonial

Technology Credit Union (Tech CU) was the first business in the San Jose/Silicon Valley area to join New American Workforce. A leader in its industry, Tech CU has hosted 8 on-site citizenship workshops that provided eligible immigrant employees, members and their families with essential information and legal assistance to navigate the citizenship process. In addition to offering outreach and education to their workforce of nearly 300, Tech CU has expanded the opportunity to its 70,000 members.

Venancio Guillen is a Tech CU employee, originally from Mexico, who had lived in the U.S. as a green card holder for 17 years (more than triple the 5 year requirement) before taking the final step toward citizenship. Thanks to Tech CU’s assistance, he became a U.S. citizen last year.

Venancio told us, “I’m really happy! Thank you for the help. And, thanks to God, I am now helping [sponsor] my mom and my sisters.  If Technology Credit Union hadn’t partnered up with New American Workforce, I wouldn’t have done it. I felt like I didn’t need it, but now I see the difference.”

Venancio Guillen
Technology Credit Union
New American Workforce Participant

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