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Palomar Health: Eva’s Participant Testimonial

As 2019 begins, people and businesses, alike, are reflecting upon last year and looking for ways to improve as the New Year breaks. Despite its near 70-year history of community service, Palomar Health in San Diego, is no different, and each year the clinic continues to look for new ways to support people. In this spirit, Palomar Health chose to partner with New American Workforce several years ago and has since been offering its eligible immigrant employees, like Eva, assistance with the United States citizenship process.

After moving from Mexico to San Diego as an infant, Eva, has been a legal permanent resident for over 50 years and only knows life in the U.S. Upon growing up, she went to college, met her husband, and eventually raised children in the San Diego area. She now works for Palomar Health and upon finding out about the clinic’s partnership with New American Workforce, she immediately decided to apply for her citizenship. In her own words, Eva said:

“My biggest motivation to receive my U.S. citizenship was my mom. She wanted to see me receive my citizenship before she passed away. I’m proud to say that I am now a citizen and had my oath ceremony last year.”

At the same time, Eva felt more comfortable applying for her citizenship through the Palomar Health and New American Workforce partnership. She attended citizenship workshops at her worksite and legal professionals helped her with the process every stop of the way.

“I felt comfortable having the lawyers there. They were extremely supportive and helped mw with the paperwork.”

It’s wonderful to announce that Eva swiftly completed the citizenship process, and her mother was able to see her sworn in as a U.S. citizen. Now, she can truly exercise all of her rights as a new American!

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