Noorani Responds to Trump’s Call to Suspend Immigration

WASHINGTON, D.C. — In response to President Trump’s announcement that he will temporarily suspend immigration into the U.S., the following is a statement from Ali Noorani, President and CEO of the National Immigration Forum:

“At a time when Americans are afraid for their physical and economic well-being, we need leadership that unites the nation. Rather than building a consensus to help all of us through the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump is instead using this challenging time to sow division and advance his own political agenda — one that could further exacerbate this crisis.

“President Trump’s call to suspend immigration to the U.S. ignores the reality of our situation: The fact is that immigrants are standing shoulder to shoulder with U.S. citizens on the frontlines helping us get through this pandemic. How many families would go without health care, food or otherwise if it wasn’t for immigrants working alongside native-born Americans yesterday, today and tomorrow?

“Immigrants account for 17% of health care workers and 24% of direct care workers nationwide. H-1B visa holders are helping to find a vaccine to COVID-19, and agricultural workers continue to be essential in maintaining food chains that re-supply grocery stores. Closing our doors to immigrants who may very well have joined these efforts isn’t just harmful policy — it’s a clear message that America is choosing politics over recovery.

“COVID-19 impacts all of us. Therefore, all of us must be part of the response and recovery — whether our family has been here for generations, months or has yet to arrive.”


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