New Book ‘Invites Fresh Courage for All Who Feel and Are Displaced’

‘Crossing Borders’ coming March 15, 2022

WASHINGTON, D.C. — With record numbers of people displaced across the world, a forthcoming book will trace the arc of the migration debate and offer new perspectives on a more compassionate path forward.

For Crossing Borders: The Reconciliation of a Nation of Immigrants, available March 15, 2022, Ali Noorani, President and CEO of the National Immigration Forum, conducted interviews with advocates and residents from Honduras to Eastern Europe, as well as communities across the U.S., to disentangle the politics and policies of immigration.

The result is a nuanced look at global migration today — and the clear link between 2013’s Syrian refugee crisis, the rise of right-wing nativism and Christian nationalism, the weaponization of global migration, and the exceedingly cruel and deadly treatment of immigrants and refugees at borders around the world.

More than an exposé of the forces for bad, however, “Crossing Borders” shares strategies designed to stem the tides of fear and hate, finding trails that lead to the reconciliation of our nation of immigrants. Ultimately, Noorani finds hope for the future of immigration policy in rural America, where leaders are answering the challenges of demographic and cultural change.

Additional Praise for ‘Crossing Borders’

“In their efforts to flee violence, natural disaster, or to seek a warm meal to feed their family, I have seen how immigrants and refugees are pinned against borders around the world. Wrapped around stories of those who would scale any obstacle in search of a better future for their children, Ali Noorani unpacks the ugliness of the politics and policies of immigration, charting a path forward that serves the national interest and helps all of us become our better selves.”

José Andrés

“Perhaps no issue at this moment is so filled with passion and rage as immigration. I do not know of anyone alive more knowledgeable on the legal, moral, and cultural aspects of immigration than Ali Noorani. This book, a combination of memoir and analysis, frames how we arrived at this crisis, and how to go forward. The book never exchanges utopianism for realism nor does it ever exchange despair for hope. In this way, this book can help anyone to think through how to build coalitions, how to seek to persuade skeptics, and how to press on against daunting odds.”

Russell Moore, Christianity Today

“Immigration policy is complex and endlessly challenging on a good day. And the politics, always dicey, have become toxic. Fortunately for all of us, Ali Noorani has dedicated his life to bringing humanity and thoughtfulness to the issue. His moral clarity and searching intelligence are more important than ever. His is truly a voice we should all heed.”

Jonathan Blitzer, Staff Writer, The New Yorker

“Crossing Borders chronicles how politicians and pundits manipulate our fear of outsiders, encircling us in fear and blame, like coils of razor wire. But every so often, as Ali Noorani captures in vivid detail, there are mayors, police chiefs and business people who decline to be used in this way. Indispensable reading for anyone who wants to understand how Americans can reclaim our own basic decency.”

Amanda Ripley, journalist and bestselling author of “The Smartest Kids in the World” and “High Conflict”

“In an era of symbolic politics, when borders have become the organizing principle for how we legitimize disputes, resolve our own questions of identity and even contrive a sense of meaning and purpose, Ali Noorani steps into their manifestation in the U.S. immigration debate and powerfully disentangles their hold. Crossing Borders is a moving portrait of a country confused and contorted by caricature, even as it invites fresh courage for all who feel and are displaced.”

Anne Snyder, Editor-in-Chief, Comment Magazine

“Ali Noorani knows immigration. Crossing Borders is authoritative and objective — passionate, yet surprisingly hopeful. This book is crucial to our understanding of American immigration and therefore of America.”

Al Franken

“Ali Noorani gently helps those of us who have been too blind or too busy to see what we have missed in our responsibilities to offer all people dignity, love our neighbor, and care for the stranger.  He helps us see that the stories we’ve been told by our “community” about immigrants are grounded in fear, not fact; hate, not love. And he gives us hope through examples of unlikely alliances among small groups of people with the courage to step outside of their community’s norms and offer dignity to fellow human beings.”

Elizabeth Neumann, Former DHS Assistant Secretary for Counterterrorism and Threat Prevention

224 pages • ISBN 9781538143506 • Hardcover $27.00 • On Sale: March 15 2022

Ebook ISBN 9781538143513 • Ebook $25.50


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