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Los Angeles International Airport: Alex and Alicia’s Participant Testimonial

Airports are often considered “gateways to the world,” for they herald tales of far off lands and are the starting point for exciting adventures. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the busiest airports in the United States, and its mission is to shuttle Americans and travelers from all over the world to new destinations. In line with this mission, LAX not only wants to make traveling efficient for far-away travelers, but also for its own employees and immigrant employees, who might fear traveling even with a legal status or green card. With this in mind, LAX partnered with New American Workforce earlier this year. The airport now supports its eligible immigrant employees with the U.S. citizenship process at their worksite and ultimately provides its employees with the opportunity to travel abroad on an American passport and without worry.

Upon hearing about the airport’s recent partnership with New American Workforce, LAX employee, Alex, felt relieved and immediately told his mother about this unique opportunity. While Alex was born in the U.S., his mother, Alicia, emigrated from Mexico at two years old and has had a green card for over 60 years. In the meantime, she has raised a family, worked three jobs as a single parent, and put her son through college. Now, Alicia is semi-retired and balances her time between volunteering at an infertility clinic and watching her grandchildren. Upon hearing about New American Workforce from her son, Alicia instantly started attending the citizenship workshops, for she wanted to increase her rights and improve her ability to travel. When asked about what has inspired her to apply for citizenship, she said,

For me, having my citizenship means additional pride in my country and security for my family. A lot of people in America take their rights for granted, like traveling without fear of being denied entry back into the United States. ”

Through the partnership between LAX and New American Workforce, Alicia was able to complete her citizenship application with the help of trained legal professionals. She is now on her way to becoming a citizen and finally traveling at ease with an American passport.

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