AltaMed: Employee Participant Testimonial

AltaMed has been partnering with New American Workforce to help its employees obtain citizenship since 2013. Leslie Pereira Barrios works as an environmental services aide at AltaMed’s clinic in Santa Barbara, CA. Originally from Guatemala, Leslie recently became a U.S. citizen through New American Workforce’s educational and legal assistance at her worksite. Thanks to AltaMed, more than 2000 employees have benefited from citizenship education and outreach at its Los Angeles area medical centers.

Leslie Barrios workWhile she was working towards citizenship, Leslie said, “I have been in this country for more than five years and I already qualify to become a citizen, but I still need to better my English. Here at my job, they’re giving me classes. This is great for people who want to prosper and hope for a bright future in this country. This is how we achieve further recognition and vote.”

Leslie Barrios citizen certificateOne year later Leslie concluded, “After seven years I am a proud citizen. I am honored to have the chance to continue giving to this nation and for the future of my two children.”

Leslie Pereira Barrios
New American Workforce Participant

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