Ali Noorani to Step Down Next Year

Washington, D.C. — Ali Noorani, National Immigration Forum and America Is Better President and CEO, plans to transition out of the organizations in the spring of 2022.

Over the course of nearly 14 years leading the National Immigration Forum, Noorani has worked in partnership with the board, staff and stakeholders across the country to engage moderate and conservative voices in promoting commonsense reforms to our nation’s immigration system. Today, in a moment of increased polarization, the Forum and America Is Better will continue their work with national security and law enforcement leaders, evangelical Christians, business leaders and others who recognize that all Americans will benefit from better immigration policies — and a better conversation.

The Forum and America Is Better boards already are laying the groundwork to find Noorani’s successor. Amy Dominguez-Arms, Vice Chair of the Forum Board of Directors, is chairing a search committee that represents the ethnic, political and geographic diversity of those engaged in the Forum’s work.

“As an organization deeply trusted by conservatives, moderates and liberals alike, Ali leaves the Forum in an exceptionally strong position,” said Rebecca Tallent, Forum Board Chair. “At this critical moment in the conversation around immigration, the Forum’s strategy is unique, effective and invaluable to the movement. In 2022, as we continue to advocate for the value of immigrants and immigration to the nation, we look forward to celebrating Ali’s work and welcoming a new leader of the Forum.”

“Few organizations share the Forum’s ability to bring communities and policy makers together around immigration,” Dominguez-Arms said. “We look forward to a search and eventual hire that reinforces our culture of collaboration, inclusion and empathy. The search committee is committed to a process that taps into the knowledge of the Forum’s staff and partners in order to recruit the most qualified candidates.”

“Leading these organizations has been an incredible honor,” Noorani said. “The expertise of the staff and boards of the Forum and America Is Better will allow the organizations to continue to be a trusted voice that brings people with different backgrounds to one table. I can’t thank our staff, boards, partners and supporters enough for their commitment to our work — and, in the end, to immigrants and the Americans who depend on them.”

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