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You can use the following tools to inform and educate both citizens and immigrants in your communities about public safety.

Español for Law Enforcement: An Interactive Training Tool
This free CD-ROM was developed to help law enforcement officers obtain a working knowledge of Spanish and apply it to law enforcement situations. The video walks viewers through English translations, phonetic spellings, and pronunciations of Spanish words in situations involving interviews, crime scenes, motor vehicles, and domestic violence.

How to Facilitate a Community Action Team Handbook

Spanish selections from Transforming Communities' "How to Facilitate a Community Action Team (CAT) Handbook." These translated pieces can be downloaded and used by domestic violence organization staff and volunteers, community activists and community educators in their work to transform communities by creating safety, equality and justice for all community members.

Sample Language for Policies Limiting the Enforcement of Immigration Laws by Local Authorities
Developed by the National Immigration Law Center, this document provides sample language with discussions of the purpose of each section for local policies promulgated to protect immigrant' access to police protection and public services. An Appendix A contains the sample language without the explanatory discussion.

Reasserting Justice (PDF)
A collection of action tools by the Applied Research Center from organizations around the country to counter the increase of civil rights violations, harassment and government-sanctioned violence against immigrants and refugees.

Resolution To Protect Civil Rights And Civil Liberties
Sample resolution that cities around the country can use. It engages issues like racial profiling, use of local law enforcement in the enforcement of federal immigration law, participation in surveillance of First Amendment protected activities like religious services or political events, and civil rights issues generally. From the American Civil Liberties Union.

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