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You can use the following tools to inform and educate both citizens and immigrants in your communities about public benefits.

How Do I Apply for Immigration Benefits as a Battered Spouse or Child?
By the USCIS website, offers information on eligibility requirements and process to apply.

Layoff Survival Kit
Includes a checklist of Federal benefit programs available for documented and undocumented workers.

Opportunities Under TANF for Serving Refugee and Immigrant Families: A Checklist for State and Local Policymakers
A survey to identify state initiatives in providing or adapting TANF-funded services and programs for refugees, immigrants and/or non-English speaking clients.

Overview of Immigrant Eligibility for Federal Programs (PDF)
This table provides an overview of immigrant eligibility for the major federal public assistance programs.

U.S. Department Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights Fact Sheet
Provides excellent general guidance to HHS-funded benefits granting agencies on benefits available to abused noncitizens. Specifically it states that HHS-funded benefits granting agencies should help battered immigrants get non-work Social Security Numbers.

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