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You can use the following tools to inform and educate both citizens and immigrants in your communities about identification documents.

About Payroll Cards
Employers are increasingly asking employees who do not have a bank account to accept pay on a "payroll card."  This is a card that works like a bank debit card, but there are some key differences in cost and consumer protection between payroll cards and cards linked to a personal bank account.  This page offers information (in Eng. and Span.) on the cards.

"Immigrant Access to Driver's Licenses: A Tool Kit for Advocates" (PDF)
This tool kit contains many helpful sample materials to help communities organize state driver's license campaign. It includes sample talking points, lobbying tips and advice, advice on building coalitions, tips for working with the media, sample op eds, letters to the editor, and press releases, advice for a legal campaign, and much much more!  The tool kit also contains useful resources and contact information for national groups working on driver's license issues.

Special Issues for Immigrants Filing Income Tax Returns
This publication focuses on two issues: worker access to Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) and how to file taxes when employers misclassify workers as "independent contractors."

Specifications for getting non-work Social Security Number from SSA
States that the government agency that requires the applicant to have a Social Security number [that is, a benefit granting agency] must request that the SSA issue a non-work Social Security number. It lists the requirements that the request must follow.

Toolkit for Organizers: Social Security Administration's (SSA) "No-Match" Letters (July 2003)
This toolkit provides background information on the SSA's no-match program, as well as samples of the various no-match letters sent by SSA. Additionally, the toolkit provides community and labor organizers with practical suggestions on how to effectively deal with employers on this issue.

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