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You can use the following tools to inform and educate both citizens and immigrants in your communities about education and ESL.

Education World's ESL/EFL Center
Provides tools, lesson plans, activities, articles, a message board, and links to a variety of resources for EFL/ESL teachers and students.

English Language Schools in the U.S.
A web directory for students, executives and professionals. You can search ESL schools by program specialization or by program starting dates.

Frequently Asked Questions About Adult ESL
A list of the most common questions and answers about adult ESL.

Latino Adult Education Services (LAES) “Tierra de Opportunidad“
A set of ESL Lesson plans designed to give ESL teachers essential real world curriculum for immigrants.  Modules include: Dealing with Taxes; Analyzing, Debating Community Issues; Collaborating with Neighbors; Following Changes In Laws About Immigrants; Dealing With Law Enforcement Authorities; Becoming A Citizen; etc.

LINCS - the Literacy Information and Communication System
The premier on-line information and communications network for adult and family literacy. Its ESL Special Collection has sections for teachers, students and administrators and provides a wealth of information and resources on k-12 ESL education.

Provides a link for underserved and hard-to-reach adults and their teachers to quality adult basic education and GED preparation tools using technology. Combining video, the Internet, and print materials, LiteracyLink programs are relevant to the needs of the individual learner, adult instructional programs, and the workforce.

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